10 Primary School Assembly Songs That Were Bangers

10 Primary School Assembly Songs That Were Bangers

1. Wherever you go

If you don’t immediately chant “go go gongo” you are bad vibes. This was one of the best ways to end a very long term, especially if you attended a boarding school. This assembly song deserves special recognition in Nigeria’s hall of fame.

2. Oh my home

Students were wild for singing this song in the morning’s while they marched to their various classes because why were they missing a home they left just a few hours ago? I don’t even blame them. You’d sing war songs too if you were learning 14-16 subjects a day. 

3. Today is Friday

“Everybody likes it” and this song did not lie one bit. Nothing gingers students, or anyone really, like the thought of resting during the weekend. This assembly song was such a mood.

4. Kingdom waiting for you

There’s no reason why kids should be joyfully singing about possibly going to heaven or hell but this song made it work. Don’t forget guys, if you do bad they’ll be no more kingdom waiting for you. Shalom.

5. Holiday is coming

“No more morning bells, no more teachers whip, goodbye teachers, goodbye scholars” If teachers weren’t sure that kids hated them and their time at school, they were always reminded by this song on the last day of school. Sometimes, they sang along too. And who can blame them? Kids are scary.

6. H-I-P for the Hip, for the Hipopo

First of all, why was this such a jam? They were using style to teach us how to spell, which is great because how many of us can spell this animal without mumbling this song under our breath?

7.  Now the day is over

Is it even an assembly song if it’s not a hymn? This song had you connecting to your inner spirit and was mostly sung at the end of the school day so you could reflect on all your bad deeds on your way home. 

8. The day is bright

The best part of this song was shouting “mama jollof rice” at the end of it. Take us back to times without rent, please.

9. Parents listen to your children

Teachers were rude for teaching this song to kids who would go home and sing the “try to pay our school fees” part to their struggling parents. Like what was the reason? 

10. We are h-a-p-p-y

No, we were not. No one would be after singing praise and worship, listening to news read at the assembly ground, reciting both Nigeria’s and the school’s anthem and pledge, listening to the principal and their vice rant for hours and hearing lots of announcements. We took it like champs though and found joy in the marching songs that made us laugh until the school bell announced the first period.

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