How Ruger got Discovered By D-Prince Of Mavins Records

How Ruger got Discovered By D-Prince Of Mavins Records

Ruger, has been undoubtedly giving us hits back-to-back, before his breakout into the lamelight, he used to work in a Computer Village, repairing phones and all, so in his spare time, he'll just do freestyles and post it on Instagram. Thank God for the internet, it has made it easy for talents to be discovered.

According to Ruger he received a direct message from D-Prince.

 The talent manager, Charles Enebeli (D-Prince) was in America at that time with Rema on tour, so he told him that he’s coming back very soon and that he wants to start working with him. 

Out of curiosity and over excitement Ruger had to sleep and wake up again to  confirm he wasn't dreaming. After some minutes of sleep his sister woke him up, she was using his phone at that time; she told Ruger that D-Prince texted again that he’s coming,”

Ruger added that what made him believe D-Prince was serious about everything was that he (D-Prince) didn’t even wait to get home before calling him to start coming to the studio. He rang him as soon as he got to the airport to meet him at his (D-Prince) studio to record, and that started their bond. Ruger is now signed to Jonzing world, an imprint of Mavin Records; the same record label that manages Rema. Ruger is best known for his hit single ‘Bounce.’


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